Cardio Switch

Cardio Switch

Cardio Switch - Metabolic Activity Booster

  • May Increase Endurance (Extra Sets, Reps and Cardio).
  • May Help Burn Excess Calories (Energy & Heat) VS Fat Storage.
  • May Increase Glucose Uptake In Skeletal Muscle.
  • May Increase Mitochondria Count (Generating More Cellular Energy).
  • May Remove Defective Mitochondria From Muscles & Replace With New Ones.
  • May Increase Energy Expenditure By Up To 5% Even When Resting.
  • May Decrease Plasma Triglycerides By Up To 12%.
  • May Decrease Total Cholesterol By Up To 47%
  • May Decrease Plasma Non-esterified Fatty Acids By Up To 23%
  • May Increase Plasma Insulin Level By Up To 35%
  • May Decrease Proinflammatory Cytokine IL-6 By Up To 72%, To Reduce Inflammation(s).

Directions For Use: Take 1-4 capsules spaced evenly throughout the day, daily.

Please Note: This product is currently being re-formulated and is NOT currently available. There is no time frame set so please don't ask when it will be available. 

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