Raise The Bar Custom Catering

No Time For Groceries, Meal Prep Or Cleaning Up After Meals?

Maybe this is happening to you too ...

For years my health and entrepreneurial life have suffered, not to mention my training progress severely limited, due to insufficient time to prep and organize decent meals.

I understand how much I value my time now and don't want to waste it grocery shopping, preparing meals, cleaning or wasting another moment staring into the fridge wondering "What else can I eat?".

Now ... it's all done for me!

My meeting with Ellie & Tony from Raise the Bar custom catering today got turned upside down when I heard their 'start up' story.

I understand how starting your own business can be tough ... especially doing it alone with personal funds as working capital, so instead of asking for free meals as part of a sponsorship deal, I decided I wanted to help out ...

Upon accepting their offer to work together, they sent me a discount code to promote ... I didn't waste another moment, I jumped online and bought 24 meals for around $240 dollars, with the Discount Code: BIGBoyz for 20% OFF.

Only $10 per meal, that I wont have to get groceries for, prep or clean up afterwards ... just microwave, eat, then throw the empty pack in the bin. 

I spend more than $10 on KFC, Subway, Dominos or Makaz per meal anyway ... and even then I would still have to go out and get it myself!

So If you're located btwn Melbourne CBD down to Frankston (South/South East of Melbourne) ... visit and check out their drop off locations.

One easy pick up and you can store it all in the fridge, it's ready to go when you are.

If you want to get the most out of our Mass Stack ... you're going to need all the food you can get ... and RTBMeals will take away the thinking process ... so you can do the eating & gaining process ;) Discount Code: BIGBoyz

We're looking forward to working with Elle & Tony at RBTMeals and helping each other grow (literally).

- aj


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